Suzani Splendour

How can you not love a Suzani? Interior designers and home owners have loved using these in houses for years but what are they? In recent months I have enjoyed learning a bit more about them. In simple terms, a suzani is a hand embroidered textile panel. The word suzani comes from a Persian word suzan, meaning needle. Suzanis originated in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and other central Asian countries. They usually have a cotton base (sometimes silk) which is embroidered in a cotton or silk thread. »

Author image Hilly

Covering All the Bases - A Guide to Choosing the Size of your Shade

We get lots of enquiries about finding the right size lampshade for your lamp base – and we try and give information on the website to help you do that but sadly, this is not an exact science. However I am going to try and give some advice here to help you along the way. It may sound obvious but the easiest and best way to be sure is to find an existing shade in your house and try it for size! »

Author image Hilly

Discover the stories behind our silk saree lampshades

In the pursuit of rich textiles and artisanal craftsmanship in the wonderful eclectic markets of India we discovered the most gorgeous vintages sarees and there and then were inspired to create our first collection of unique and beautiful hand pleated silk saree lampshades. Sarees have a very long standing tradition in India playing a practical role (being warm in winter and cool in summer) as well as a decorative one in women’s attire. »

Author image Amanda

In Search of the Golden Thread

A year ago, at the Delhi Trade Fair we discovered a group of artisans from Assam who were exhibiting beautiful handwoven silks and some of our favourite shibori dyed cloth so we made a plan to visit this remote corner of India in search of them. A bit of a mad plan I know – but this is really at the heart of what we do….finding unusual and beautiful textiles made by people who really care about their craft. »

Author image Hilly

Fixtures and Fittings

We love talking about shape, colour and pattern when it comes to lampshades but we do also need to do some housekeeping and help with some technical detail. Here we are going to try and unravel the mystery of lampshade fittings. It’s a wonder to us how, over time, the design of lampshades has evolved - resulting in a confusing array of fittings – and so, for the uninitiated here is a short guide which might help you when choosing your lampshade: »

Kicking off our shoes in Kerala

When we go to India on a buying trip we try to fit in a few days of relaxation – and, of course exploration, somewhere other than Delhi and Jaipur which is where most of our sourcing is done. This year we went to Cochin in Kerala and even sneaked in a couple of days on the beach – but more of that later. Cochin is a fascinating city – spread across several islands, the historical centre spreads out from Fort Cochin and faces the Lakshadweep Sea. »

Delhi Trade Fair

Once a year we brave the Delhi Trade Fair – not so much to buy new stock since we already have some great suppliers, but more for inspiration.. Situated outside Delhi in the industrial area of Noida it makes Olympia feel like a corner shop. A vast shopping mall on 4 floors plus 3 enormous marquees full of great craftsmen from all over India. Metal and ironworkers from Moradabad displaying all sorts of lamps, ironmongery, and lanterns; glass makers from Firozabad selling fabulous glassware; a whole marquee of furniture makers from Jodphur selling brilliant copies of vintage pieces as well as beautifully designed contemporary items. »

Author image Hilly Grumbar